THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN WHO COME TO CITYGARDEN IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR CAREGIVERS. Playing in or near water or on sculpture is inherently dangerous. Common sense and caution must be used by caregivers carrying out their responsibility. It is also expected that adults visiting Citygarden will treat it and one another with respect, thereby maintaining an atmosphere which provides enjoyment for all.

Citygarden Guidelines

•   No skateboarding, bike riding, roller-skates, segways, in-line skates and other similar conveyances in the park.
No climbing on the waterfall or the limestone wall.
No barbecue grills or other picnic furniture are allowed in the site.
Playing in the Lower Basin and the Boat Basin is allowed for children only when Park Monitors are on duty, generally between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (The Spray Plaza is open between April 1st and November 1st, weather permitting.) Small children are required to wear swim diapers.
No flotation devices or toys are allowed.
No adults may swim in the Lower Basin and the Boat Basin.
No private events are allowed, except those within the Terrace View cafe.
No glass containers.
No filming or photography for promotional or commercial purposes.